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San Diego 2007

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Boris P scoring a magnificant try against Mission RFC in the 2006 DIV III final

For the second year in a row, the Wolfhounds find themselves as finalists at the USA Rugby National level. In 2006 our Division 1 and our Division 3 teams, represented East Coast Rugby in their respective finals. Unfortunately both teams came away without the top prize, however we are recognized as one of the top Club Rugby teams in the country.

Its 2007, and our Division 1 team moved upwards to the Super-League, whilst our Division 3 side found themselves looking for a chance at the finals again. At the recent Qtr and Semi finals in South Carolina, we took top honors and now find ourselves in the running for the Div 3 title again this year. To top it off, we are matched against Mission RFC from the San Francisco area who narrowly took the title last year.

As a nonprofit entity funding is always going to be tight and this year is no exception. We seek your help by asking for donations to help defray/subsidise the immense travel costs involved in moving an entire squad of guys from one side of the country to the other.

We are approaching this task in a novel way, we are seeking general and team donations, any amount would be appreciated and will be acknowledged on our website and promotional material published prior to our departure.

For our Team Donations we are looking for old Wolfhounds Players who would be interested in sponsoring the player who currently plays in the position you played in back in the day. For example, if you were a back then sponsor one of our backs.

Again, any amount woud be appreciated and you will get acknowledgement andrecognition for your support.

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Any questions please email us at sandiego (at)

General Donation to the San Diego Fund.

Player Sponsorship

Positions to be sponsored - FrontRow, Locks, Back Row, Half Backs, Centers and Back 3.

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