National Championships 2011

National Championships Glendale CO.

It’s 2011 and also it’s been a while since any of our teams reached National prominence, this year we are back in contention with our Division 1 side scheduled to appear June 4th and 5th in Glendale Colorado.

As always, it’s an expensive proposition to move a team of players and support staff to this location and have them ready to play at 100%. Players and staff have a lot of out of pocket expenses and the club is always trying to assist financially where possible, however a trip to the Nationals is going to be expensive.

We would be grateful if you could support us by donating money towards our Travel Expenses

You can donate via credit card to our Paypal account at the following web link

View a summary of the trip to Glendale from Club Captain Peter Lennon.
BIW - Captain’s Address May 2011

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