Kelly's Corner (Wolfhounds Info)

Proclamations and other compelling information from the desk of Mr President himself, Sean Kelly

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wolfhounds Annual Award Winners 2005:

1 XV Player of the Year - Mr. Mark Tutton

2 XV Player of the Year - Mr. Nick Brandt

3 XV Player of the Year - Mr. Michael Dowling

Most Improver Player - Mr. Matt Leonido

Player's Player - Mr. Mark Tutton

Clubman of the Year - Mr. Sean Kelly

Congratulations to ALL!

Next Club Events:

Saturday, December 3rd:

Venue: Green Briar, Brighton - 7pm.

Presentation of Division III New England Championship to D3 Squad.

Wedenday, December 7th:

Venue: Green Briar, Brighton - 7pm

Wolfhounds AGM.

Friday December 9th:

Venue: Green Briar, Brighton - 8pm

Wolfhounds Holiday/Raffle Party.