Boston Irish Wolfhounds Grand Rapids

"W" goes to San Diego
but its not the Wolfhounds. Local rivals and good friends Worcester managed to hold a very competitive Huntington Beach to an 8-0 victory, in a close fought and very entertaining game of Rugby.
See Worcester website for a match report as I dont know the names....

The spectre of a double W final seemed very possible with Worcester going thru in the first match of the day against a very impressive Huntington Beach. Alas it was not to be as reports from Michigan although initially very good were in the end encouraging but disappointing with the Wolfhounds going into the final minutes 16-15 up. A late penalty awarded for a scrum infraction closed the deal for Back Bay and ended the Wolfhounds comeback and chance for a 3pete.
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The possibility existed for a short while of a Worcester vs Wolfhounds final, something both sides would I'm sure have relished.

Our best wished to Worcester in San diego. We look forward to the title returning or staying in Massachussetts for a 3rd year.

Gov Mitt romney please take note....

Report as per Goffonrugby

Nothing went easy for Back Bay this weekend. Coming out of a brutal game against Life College they Sharks had a number of injuries and serious concerns as to how they would hold up against a mighty Boston Irish Wolfhounds pack.

And during Sunday’s Men’s DI quarterfinal game, they made things still harder on themselves, seeing lock Brian Surgener sin-binned in the first half and No. 8 Shawn Kilifi yellow-carded in the second. Down a man for 20 minutes, they still held the Wolfhounds at bay.

Back Bay started off quick, realizing that if they were to win getting entangled in a forward-oriented battle wasn’t going to do it. They spun it wide and wing/fullback Eric Andersen touched down. Matt Buscoe’s conversion made it 7-0.

Kilifi did the honors later on to give his side a 12-0 lead, but the Wolfhounds inched back, patiently, just as they had done against St. Louis the day before. Two penalty kicks made it 12-6 and then just before halftime consistent Wolfhounds pressure and repeated Back Bay offenses earned the Boston side a penalty try. 13-12 Wolfhounds at the half.

It was about goalkicks in the second half, and both sides traded them, putting BIW up 16-15 with time running out. It was then that Buscoe lined up a 45-meter kick with no time left. As it sailed over hearts were lifted, and hearts broken.

Wolfhounds in comeback upset.

Report from Grand Rapids indicate that during the game, the Boston Irish Wolfhounds two time Division 1 Champions were going to be defeated (in a major way) by St Louis Bombers, a top seed in this year's competition. At the half the Wolfhounds were 30 - 3 down, a huge deficit to overcome.

Someone must have given the chaps a good bollicking as they charged back and fought hard until full time, when both teams were tied 30-30. This is not the first time the Wolfhounds have gone into overtime (Santa Monica 2004 finals) and going into this period it must have been extremely tense.
In classic Wolfhounds style the' Boyz from Boston' did the business as a late drop goal,( scorer unknown, but it could have been 'Dropkick Dalton'), secured the Wolfhounds a place in tomorrows quarter-final against Back Bay from California. Back Bay overcame Life who were defeated by the Wolfhounds last year(2004 Qtr finals) in a very tough game.

Going into Sundays game with this shock result following recent disappointing defeats to Old Blue and Worcester the pundits must be choking on their ham sandwiches. I could be wrong, but I am saying the Wolfhounds are back and are going all the way.

We also wish Worcester well as they had a great game vs the Condors and hope to see them in San Diego in a couple of weeks..

Go Wolfhounds & Go Worcester

By our correspondant