SOME OF the better PHOTOS FROM 2006

There were many to choose but these jumped out as being of note, Greg Bruce pounding his best man, Seve (what a season), Wheels in motion, Dixter,Flanagan, Alex etc

Flanagan with a steeplechaser in support

Seve ?

If Dixie does not stop him, then AJ will

Alex about to nail his man

Helping the hounds out...

Greg pouncing on his best man (wedding)


Dowling in action


Every Club has Dr's and Surgeons...these are ours.

Flanagan about to take off

Flanagan beating Danny Bull.

A real soft field.

Look of concentration on AJ and Greg.

I think Seve felt this..

Ok Blondie give us the ball..

There is a lot going on here

Flying Brucie

Where's the Laundry

Payman and Charles Shelly meet.

I love you...

Seve almost stopping his man

Dankert going to ground

New Zealands Finest Rugby Player, Mark Tutton

Alex before his hair cut

Adam and Sean Mac about to stop New haven

Conor with a rather serious look on his face - whilst the Ref blows away...

Airforce Guy Lemay about to do a little ground pounding ...

Zell flying sideways