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British and Irish Lions Competition 2009

Try your luck at selecting the 1st Test Team picked to play for the British & Irish Lions against South Africa in Durban on Saturday 20th June 2009. Fill out your selections below, and use the 4 Home Nations current squad panels listed below as a guide.


1. Select your Lions starting 15 vs.S. Africa for the 1st Test.
2. Complete all your information below & make payment via Paypal.
3. The entry fee will escalate after each 6 Nations weekend, and after the Tour begins.
4. Enter as many times as you like up to Sunday 7th June, after 2nd Tour game.

Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by getting the following correct in order
1. Predict correclty the 1st Test Team Captain
2. Predict 1st try scorer
3. Predict correctly the 1st Test Final Score (closest to score, then closet margin wins)

Prizes - 50% of the entry fee to the Prize Pool

Ex. 500 entries @ $25 avg. = $6,250 in Prizes. Prize Pool updated weekly on website
1st Prize - 60% of Prize Pool
2nd Prize - 30% of Prize Pool
3rd Prize - 10% of Prize Pool

Entry Fee

$20 - up to Friday 3/13/09 eve of 4th 6 Nations Weekend
$25 - up to Friday 3/20/09 eve of 5th 6 Nations Weekend
$30 - up to Sunday 6/7/09 after 2nd Tour game.

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Select players from following list.

Tie Breaker

1st Test Captain
1st Try Scorer
Final Score
Lions South Africa

If you have any issues please email [email protected]