Boston Irish Wolfhounds

Recruiting Program 2009

On behalf of the Wolfhounds, welcome and thank you for your interest! The Boston Irish Wolfhounds RFC is the premier rugby club in America.
When you come to the Hounds, you will find a club with a passion for the game, a competitive spirit, and great characters both on and off the field. Perennial challengers for success, the Hounds have an enviable record in the Northeast and we aim to improve even further. With a 1st class coaching staff, excellent sponsors, the best facility in the Northeast, an active social calendar, and a great sense of community the Hounds aim to set the standard in American rugby for many years to come.

We are one of only two clubs in America to compete in three of USA Rugby's four divisions (RSL, D1 & D3) and it is our club mission to "compete successfully in all competitive divisions in the US". This allows us to offer competitive rugby for players who's skills range from National Level experience to those completely new to the sport. For our young recruits looking for experience abroad, we offer player exchange programs with clubs from New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia.

Our Old Boys team, the 'Dinosaurs' provides a playing experience for ruggers not quite as anxious to hit the gym but very willing to down a pint and spin a yarn about that great try.

If you are new to the sport of rugby, a High School or youth player, recent college graduate, a domestic player transferring to Boston, or an international player looking for a stint in America we are the club for you. We will help you get situated in the Boston area, plug you into our network of job-placement firms, show you around, buy you a pint and ensure you feel welcome.

If you're interested in joining the club or just gathering information, email [email protected] and fill out the relevant form and we'll contact you. Thanks again for considering one of the largest and strongest clubs in America.