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Reciepients 2007

At the November 5th Executive Committee meeting of the Boston Irish Wolfhounds club president John Walker proposed that the club create a Hall of Fame to recognize dedicated service to the club. This proposal was unanimously accepted.

John Walker then proposed that the first two inductees to the Hall of Fame should be Patrick "Punter" Culleton and Tom Lawler. In proposing the first two members of the Hall of Fame the executive committee accepted that both these club members had exhibited all the necessary service and dedication associated with Hall of Fame membership. This proposal was unanimously accepted.

The executive committee of the club will develop a process which will allow future inductees to the Hall of Fame on an annual basis.

At the Boston Irish Wolfhounds RFC Awards Banquet held at the Lennox Hotel on Friday, November 16th 2007, Mr. Patrick Culleton and Mr. Tom Lawler were introduced as the first two inductees of the Hall of Fame.

Tom Lawler and Patrick "Punter" Culleton are original members of the Wolfhounds and were tourists on the very first tour of California in 1989. The amount of commitment and dedication they have shown to the club from it's inception to date is truly amazing.

Punter Culleton has worked tirelessly to build the club to its position today as one of the premier clubs in the country. He is a former president of the club and has served on the club's executive committee for many years. During 2007 Punter Culleton served as club treasurer.

Tom Lawler is also a former president of the club. Tom has served in many capacities within the club over the years and served as director of rugby during 2007. Mr Lawler also served as the Division 1 Youth Director within NERFU in 2007.

Wolfhounds Hall of Fame 2007 Lawler and Culleton