Boston Irish Wolfhounds photo focus page

Some moments in History

Photo Focus/Spotlight

Purpose of this page is to highlight some forgotton moments from the past 3 years.
This may change as more gems are discovered (will take some time to fully open with dial-up)

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony

Joel, Joel, Joel

Dave, Dave, Dave...

Mark's fashion statement

One of us ?

Who can this be ?

The famous Wolfhounds sticker overseas

Available for weddings, funerals and special events....1 800 clay man

If this guy could drive

This Golf Cart and the Shirt definately clash

My type of girl...(Simon says).

Allah !!

Movie Star...

Whatever his religion is it looks funky....

When I am not St Pauli Girl I collect Rugby Balls

The famous photo that so irritated Mr Rugby

They finally make up

Brooksie in motion

if this were a planet would it be called Uranus?

Gangsters in the Wolfhounds!!

Our Senor "Sabato Gigante" Don Francisco

Our man from the GAA This hurt a lot

Post game aperitif

Charlie looks like he is enjoying this to much.