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Thursday, May 31, 2007
  SAN DIEGO Fund Raiser

Attention Wofhounds, current and not so current, and anyone interested in us in general.

In 15 years, we've gone from a rag-tag group of touring players to one of the three largest clubs in the US as we'll be competing this fall in RSL, Division I and Division III; only 2 other clubs in America can say this!

 In each of the past 6 years, we have put a team into the National Championship playoffs; 2006 was a history making year in that we accomplished something no other club in the history of US Rugby has done - we brought two teams to the National Championship Finals!  We continued our success in 2007 by entering a team into the Rugby Super League and are bringing yet another team to the National Championship Finals in San Diego on June 10th.

 For former and current members, we'd like to extend an invitation to support this side as they attempt to bring the club a third National Championship trophy in 5 years!  What we propose is that former & current players sponsor their Rugby playing position on the Division 3 championship side.  We will have a program produced with each of the Div III squad members and their corresponding sponsors listed.  To top it off we will have a send off night in the Briar where all the sponsors can meet our Div III team and wish them the best of luck in San Diego.

 Would you front row players out there like to "keep it in the family" and offer some sponsorship to our Championship seeking front row?  Perhaps the Half-backs would like to do the same? 

 Some of your teammates (Punter, Lawler, Davie O'Rourke etc) will be personally reaching out to you but the link below will enable you to offer your donation to the positions of your choice and, more importantly, put your name in our traveling program next to the pictures and positions of your brethren!  What a way to connect former generations with those now holding those spots 5, 10, 15 years later!

 You can show your support for the "front row", "locks", "back-row", "half-backs", "centers" or "back-3".  Tell us when you played for the 'Hounds!  Use Paypal, mail us a check or just go 'cash' if you prefer.  On June 7 at the Briar, we'll have a send off party where old can meet new!



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