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Friday, March 30, 2007
  Weekend of March 31-April 1

This weekend the Wolfhounds have a varied agenda.


Saturday sees the Development side play Harvard Business School at Harvard

and Sunday sees a full program of Rugby in Canton.



11:00am  Wolfhounds vs MEDIA RFC from PA  in a Division III match up


1:00pm RSL Wolfhounds meet Santa Monica Dolphins from California.


3:00pm NERFU High School vs  Young Munster select from Ireland on their Easter Tour


ICC facilities will be open for adult beverages and food at 1:00pm


Free Parking.   There may or may not be a small entrance fee of $5 to help cover the cost of holding this event.


Note, this will be the third time the Wolfhounds meet the Dolphins. 

We last met them in June of  2004, at the Division 1 championship semi finals, where, in extra time, we managed to overcome very strong opposition,  to go on and win the Championship.

Santa Monica went on and won the Division 1 title in 2005 and we had a rematch in San Diego last June at the Division 1 finals.

Unfortunately for the Wolfhounds, they proved to be a much better side on the day and went on to win the 2006 Championship.


In 2007 both teams have moved on to the Super League and by fate we meet again.


Who will win this third game, now there is a question.  Santa Monica have much more game time than us but we have a fresher squad and coming off a tough defeat last weekend we are eager to show the Rugby world we can play with the big boys.


It all makes for a great days Rugby on Sunday.


All welcome  free parking, and the weather whilst not west coast will be rather decent.    



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