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from San Diego

As of........Saturday, June 03, 2006
Its game day and all tema members have arrived.
The C team are in high spirits, partially because they are in a better hotel than the A side. Majority of the Alikks etc are in this hotel.
weather is going to be a factor today as we are inland by 10 miles or so and it gets quite hot with some humidity.  How this will afect each team we will have to see  but it cant be as Bostom in mid July.
We are awaiting the return (by Mexican Authorities) of some of the guys who went to Tijuana last evening, a collection of pesos is being undertaken in the event they dont show for breakfast. The relevant Consulate Offices have been alerted!!! 
Pat Culleton made it here from LAX in a rented Punter Mobile   a good morale booster for the team.
Thats about it until this evening.
Best of luck Montaul RFC (Long Island the only other North East Team in the Nationals (Div 2 finals)

Posted from San Diego CA. Saturday, June 03, 2006

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